Teen Residential Treatment Center


Many teens across the country are facing the struggle of addiction, substance abuse, mental health disorders, and behavioral health disorders.  However, although so many are struggling, many do not receive the proper treatment that they so desperately need.  Some require a teen residential treatment center.

Our specialty is treating adolescents who suffer from:

Mental Health Disorders (i.e. anxiety disorders, depression disorders, post traumatic stress disorders)

Substance Abuse (i.e. marijuana, alcohol, prescription medications)

Behavioral Health Disorders (i.e. anger, disruptive behavior disorder)

If you have a troubled adolescent, please call us confidentially at 800-234-5599.

Teen Mental Health Disorders

Teens who struggle with mental health disorders require specialized treatment programs and health care providers who have the knowledge and understanding to make a difference.

There are numerous mental health disorders that can affect the adolescent in his/her formative years. Centered Health has the facility and programs to enable proper healing and recovery in a safe and nurturing environment.

Substance Abuse

Centered Health offers specialized drug rehabilitation programs for youth struggling with substance abuse disorders, such as addiction to alcohol, prescription medications, or chemical dependency.

Substance abuse may include other co-occurring mental health disorders that must also be identified and addressed at the root of the problem in order to maintain  sustained recovery.

Our specialized treatment plans for adolescents deal with their underlying emotional and mental health issues, providing them with coping mechanisms that enable them to live a happy, healthy, drug and alcohol free life.

Behavioral Health


We offer a safe home-like environment for clients who are struggling with behavioral health disorders, such as, disruptive behavior, anger, or mood disorders.  Our tranquil setting, overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean is the perfect place for calming recovery.

Our talented team of professionals is prepared to walk side by side with your child through our specialized treatment plans.  Your teen will work individually and in small groups to improve their behavioral habits, and learn healthy methods to cope with their daily life.

Our Treatment Focus
  • Dual Diagnosis

  • Alcoholism

  • Chemical Dependency

  • Polysubstance Dependency

  • Trauma

  • Chronic Relapse

  • Mood Disorders

  • Major Depression

  • Suicidal Ideation

  • PTSD

  • Self-harm

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Panic Disorder

  • Personality Disorder

  • Anger

  • ADHD

  • Anxiety Disorder

  • Relapse Prevention

  • Bipolar Disorder

  • Codependency

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