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Mental Health Treatment for Adults

Moorpark, CA

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Proven residential, PHP, and Outpatient programs for adults dealing with mental health issues and eating disorders. Delivered by licensed, certified, and caring professionals, in a gorgeous, safe, and comfortable group setting.

Professional Care

Get better in a peaceful and private group treatment setting, focused on your recovery and transition to a self-sufficient and independent lifestyle.


Highest Quality Care

How Centered Health Changes Lives

We believe in the power of real feedback from our clients. Their stories show our dedication to helping them rediscover well-being and find empowerment on their personal journeys.

After I described my situation to them, along with the steps that needed to be taken before I could start taking medication, they volunteered to help me. Fantastic physicians! Wonderful people who are also extraordinarily compassionate doctors.

The Meadowglades staff not only understands the many different levels of mental health disorders, they understand that each person is different and the approach needs to be specific for them. I went for help with my Bipolar Disorder because my traditional therapy just wasn't quite enough. The addition of more experiential therapy, like yoga and aquatic modalities has really helped my mental health.

If you want assistance in overcoming an addiction, you should come to this location. It is highly recommended that you search them up so that you may also take advantage of the Meadowglade. The treatments offered by The Meadowglade were given the highest possible endorsement by her therapist.

They are easy to talk to and always give the best recommendations. My mood and overall mental health have never been better.

My mom was the only reason I agreed to attend The Meadowglade. I guess Mom’s always know best because I had a truly eye opening time there. I loved the facility, it felt like I escaped my normal life to better myself and gain some clarity. The workers were very kind and really loved helping everyone.

Lest anyone who hears postpartum depression think it is not a real thing, my sister is living proof that it is. She was always so happy around my three children and couldn’t wait to have a baby of her own. She was as baffled as we were about her symptoms. The Meadowglade has made a huge difference for her.

I've had anxiety my whole life, and since it's been so bad, I've been unable to acquire a good education or a career, so I've had to rely on my parents for financial support. Because of this, I've been dependent on them. Because I am an adult now, my parents have decided to put me in this facility so that I may work on being more independent. I am overjoyed that they decided to go with the Meadowglade.

My sister-in-law participated in several their programs, and as a result, they provided her with exceptional services, which drastically altered the course of her life. And yes, I am aware that the path to recovery is a long and arduous one, and that everyone is unique, which is why the tailored treatments that they receive are so effective.

While I knew I was not qualified to self-diagnose, I knew enough to know something was just not right. I have always been a social butterfly. Over the last couple of months I had no energy for the activities I usually find such pleasure in and no desire to see my friends. Coming to The Meadowglade has really helped me to get a handle on the inner issues that caused the change.

Fight for yourself, not with yourself

The Meadowglade offers proven effective therapeutic programs, tailored to meet your specific needs.

We help you discover your unique strengths and harness them for your enduring recovery.

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