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Teen Rehabilitation Center

Malibu, CA

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Turn the tide on your child’s mental health

Beachside Teen treats mental health disorders, such as depression, anxiety and ADHD, and substance abuse with evidence-based treatments, backed by expert research, in beautiful surroundings.

Professional Care

Your teen will be one of a maximum of six staying with us. This is by design. It ensures each child receives an individualized treatment plan and the support they need to navigate their journey to healing and recovery.


Highest Quality Care

How Centered Health Changes Lives

We believe in the power of real feedback from our clients. Their stories show our dedication to helping them rediscover well-being and find empowerment on their personal journeys.

We sent our son to Beachside Treatment Center for help. The doctors are wonderful, as is the entire staff. The facility and grounds are very nice and tranquil too. He learned how to avoid triggers and how to calm himself is stressful situations. He is now using his new skills to navigate life and functioning well.

The team of doctors and therapists are the best of the best. You can feel that they truly care about their patients and that they are people in crisis, but human first and that's what shows in the care they receive. We saw it first hand with the care and concern our daughter received and she is now thriving. We are grateful for everything Beachside Teen Treatment did for our family.

Our daughter had been prescribed a strong medication after she was hurt during gymnastics practice. We never expected it to lead to an addiction. We’re so grateful to the staff of Beachside for helping her when we could not.

The team at Beachside is so attentive to our daughter’s needs. She was struggling and we thought she would perk back up once in-person school started, but she didn’t and her grades were declining. Reaching out to Beachside was a great step and they’re already seeing improvements. So happy things are looking up.

Our niece has been dealing with anxiety since before the pandemic and had started taking a turn down a scary path. We were there with her parents when reaching out to Beachside and what a tremendous help they have been in helping her deal with her anxiety and substance abuse. They have an amazing team there to support and who are dedicated to their clients.

A Path to Healing

Give your teen their best chance at recovery and a happy life. Contact Beachside Teen today.