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Teen Rehabilitation Center

Agoura Hills, CA

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Your Turning Point

Hillcrest treats teens suffering from mental health problems, eating disorders, and substance abuse using clinical, evidence-based therapies backed by expert research.

Your child is never alone

Only six teens reside with us at any one time. Keeping the group small by design ensures each child receives an individualized treatment plan and the support they need to recover.


Highest Quality Care

How Centered Health Changes Lives

We believe in the power of real feedback from our clients. Their stories show our dedication to helping them rediscover well-being and find empowerment on their personal journeys.

I am so happy with the programs that Hillcrest has. My daughter has depression and the things we have tried so far were not really helping long term. Like many, we did our homework and found this very nice facility. Everyone is very friendly and caring here. The rooms are nice, even the meals look delicious. It took a little work, but she is engaging with the counselors and other people and is really making some headway. It will still be some time, but I am thrilled with her progress, and her positive attitude.

Getting through a difficult situation is just part of life. We didn't know how hard the loss of my father was hitting my child until he started to discuss joining him. There was no hesitation getting him help. Hillcrest was the best fit for his needs and the difference in him today is incredible. Thank you.

Hillcrest is a wonderful facility for your teen. They helped me help my son with his behavioral issues stemming from several fears. The people that work there are wonderful and the Counselors and Doctors are great. He has learned effective ways to handle situations without getting upset. They really helped us out, I was out of ideas. I am really thrilled watching his progress. I would recommend Hillcrest for anyone who has a young family member in need of help.

Without Hillcrest’s compassionate staff, my daughter would not be with me today. They helped her gain the skills she needed to manage her depression and helped me learn to work with her. We still have rough days, but now we can cope with them when they come. Thank you, Hillcrest!

When my brother’s ODD came to a head last year, my family was at our wits end and it became clear he needed more help than we could provide. All of us did our research and eventually I came across Hillcrest. It seemed like a great place. So far, we’ve all been working with them for about a month and we’re seeing a huge difference in my brother’s behavior.

A Path to Healing

Give your teen their best chance at recovery and a happy life.
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