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unforgiveable silence

The Unforgivable Silence: Examining the Crumbleys’ Lack of Remorse in the Wake of Tragedy and Involuntary Manslaughter Verdict 

The Oxford High School shooting shook the nation to its core, leaving behind a trail of devastation and heartache. But…

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The Narcissistic Epidemic: Unveiling the Dark Side of Hollywood and the Entertainment Industry. 

The allure of Hollywood has always been shrouded in mystery and glamor, drawing millions with promises of fame, fortune, and…

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Mindful Arts Therapy

Empowering Adolescents Through Mindful Arts Therapy: A Conversation with Susan Day 

At Centered Health, we’re always looking to explore different methods of therapy that can be helpful to those struggling with…

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Setting Attainable Resolutions for 2024 

As the holidays come to an end and the beginning of a new year dawns on us, we often start…

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Fight for yourself, not with yourself