Insurance Verification

Contact our insurance specialists, and we will be happy to assist you with your insurance verification.

Simple Verification Process

The insurance verification process is straightforward. First, we’ll gather your policy details and then reach out to your provider to determine your benefits. Typically, this takes about 2 hours during business hours when insurance companies are operational.

Review of Coverage

Once we confirm the details, a representative from our Admissions Team will get in touch to review your coverage. We’ll discuss both in-network and out-of-network benefits, which may be applicable for residential or outpatient treatment.

Understanding Deductibles and Co-payments

We will also address any deductibles that you and your family need to meet. Moreover, co-payment details will be clearly explained to ensure full understanding.

Currently, our services are not covered by Medi-Cal, Medicare, IEHP, Kaiser, L.A. Care or Government state/county funded health insurance.

Complete our confidential insurance verification form.

Once submitted, our Admissions Team will process your form, and you will receive a follow-up call for further assistance. For questions, contact us directly at 888.794.8858.

We Keep Your Info Private
Privacy Policy: Your info won’t be shared or sold. We collect your name and contact info for insurance verification and support. Prefer not to share online? Call us at 888.407.8059