How to Reduce Mental Mealth Risks for Gender Nonconforming Children

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Gender nonconformity or gender variance is the behavior or gender expression of an individual that is outside of the typical gender norms of the society that typically associates with gender responses of both sexes. The trans youth, having this trait of being different, face a lot of acceptance issues. However, the alienated behavior is [...]

How to Stay Mentally Healthy During Adolescence

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Maintaining good mental health is important at any age, but it can become more of a struggle for teens. As they begin to go through puberty, face social struggles, and feel the pressure of increased obligations, their mental health can begin to suffer. In fact, some type of mental illness affects a large number [...]

When Your Teenager Has a Dual Diagnosis

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A dual diagnosis, also called a co-occurring disorder, is a term ascribed to someone who simultaneously has a substance abuse disorder and a mental illness. As of 2014, nearly eight million adults had a dual diagnosis. Although multiple conditions are present in a dual diagnosis, one condition might be more severe than the other. [...]

The Role of Good Nutrition in Your Teens Mental Health

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When you think of teenage eating habits, what typically comes to mind? Pizza? Junk food? Soda? We choose to feed our children this “normal” teenage-friendly food without ever thinking it could be one of the culprits behind mental health issues. A growing amount of research is pointing towards eating habits and their ability to [...]

What is Teen Adjustment Disorder?

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What is Teen Adjustment Disorder? Changes and disappointments in life can be difficult for anyone, and this is especially true of teenagers. It is accordingly normal for teens to have some adjustment issues when things happen. However, it is important for parents to be able to recognize when typical adjustment and growing pains cross the [...]

The Stigma of Mental Health Treatment

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The Stigma of Mental Health Treatment Mental health stigma can be separated into two different categories. The first being social stigma which is defined by people who discriminate against others who have mental health issues because of a psychiatric diagnosis they may have received. This can take place in a work environment or social situations [...]

Reactive Attachment Disorder and Your Teenager

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Introduction & Overview Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) is a serious behavioral condition seen in teens who experienced attachment issues with their primary caregiver in infancy. An infant expects to be loved, soothed, comforted and have his or needs met by its primary caregiver. In most instances, this is the mother. This process helps build [...]

How to Spot Sociopathic Behavior in Teens

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How to Spot Sociopathic Behavior in Teens Sociopathy, sometimes called anti-social personality disorder, can be a highly destructive and dysfunctional chronic mental condition. Sociopaths are the individuals who have anti-social behaviors, and as a parent, you want to spot this in your teen if he or she has it because you can keep other [...]

May is National Mental Health Month

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May is National Mental Health Month in the United States. This is a good time to remind parents and the world in general that teenagers are just as likely to struggle with mental health issues as adults. In fact, with the increased pressure on their shoulders combined with an ever-evolving technological landscape, teenagers may [...]

Does Your Child Have Reactive Attachment Disorder?

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Reactive attachment disorder is a psychological condition affecting children who have recently been through some type of stressful event other than the death of a loved one. This stress might come in the form of school problems, bullying, serious medical treatments for non-psychological health issues, or the divorce of the child's parents. It is [...]