Centered Health is as a healing resource for all ages, battling mental health, substance abuse, and eating disorders. With our diverse network of behavioral health treatment centers, we ensure that clients receive individualized comprehensive care in the most appropriate setting.


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Margaret K.

I’ve been on and off different antidepressants for the last 15 years. When it seemed like the newest one wasn’t helping, my regular doctor suggested TMS and referred me to the Los Angeles Outpatient Center. It’s been about two months and TMS has helped so much. My symptoms have dramatically decreased, and I’ve had a much better quality of life.

Los Angeles Outpatient Center

Susan W.

Our daughter just came back from her stay at La Outpatient center. During her stay she did different kinds of therapy with different therapists and had lots of positive information to share. We’re really happy with the progressive she made and the enthusiastic mindset she came back with.

Los Angeles Outpatient Center

Ralph W.

Getting through a difficult situation is just part of life. We didn't know how hard the loss of my father was hitting my child until he started to discuss joining him. There was no hesitation getting him help. Hillcrest was the best fit for his needs and the difference in him today is incredible. Thank you.

Hillcrest Adolescent Center

Tara M.

The team at Beachside is so attentive to our daughter's needs. She was struggling and we thought she would perk back up once in person school started but she didn't and her grades were declining and so reaching out to Beachside was a great step and they are already seeing improvements and are so happy things are looking up.

Beachside Teen Treatment Center

Desmond H.

We sent our son to Beachside Treatment Center for help. The doctors are wonderful, as is the entire staff. The facility and grounds are very nice and tranquil too. He learned how to avoid triggers and how to calm himself is stressful situations. He is now using his new skills to navigate life and functioning well.

Beachside Teen Treatment Center

Liam W.

The Meadowglades staff not only understands the many different levels of mental health disorders, they understand that each person is different and the approach needs to be specific for them. I went for help with my Bipolar Disorder because my traditional therapy just wasn't quite enough. The addition of more experiential therapy, like yoga and aquatic modalities has really helped my mental health.

The Meadowglade Center

Sue R.

If you want assistance in overcoming an addiction, you should come to this location. It is highly recommended that you search them up so that you may also take advantage of the Meadowglade. The treatments offered by The Meadowglade were given the highest possible endorsement by her therapist.

The Meadowglade Center

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