Dominique Hamler, RN

Executive Director, Los Angeles Outpatient Center, RN, MSN, BSN

Dominique Hamler is Executive Director of the Los Angeles Outpatient Center (LAOP) in Culver City, CA. Dominique a dedicated and compassionate healthcare professional, born in Indianapolis, Indiana, and raised in Monroe, Louisiana. From a young age, she knew her calling was to become a nurse and positively impact the lives of others. After completing her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Gambling State University in 1999, Dominique embarked on an incredible journey in the field of healthcare. Her career began as an RN at North Monroe Hospital, where she gained invaluable experience and honed her skills. Seeking new challenges and opportunities, she ventured to Los Angeles, California, as a travel RN, expanding her knowledge and cultural awareness. In 2009, Dominique found her true passion in the Intensive Care Unit of Dignity Health Glendale Memorial Hospital, where she provided exceptional care to critically ill patients. Recognized for her leadership qualities and unwavering dedication, Dominique progressed within the organization. In 2014, she assumed the role of Administrative Nursing Supervisor, overseeing nursing operations. Her exceptional skills led her to be appointed Nurse Manager of the Behavioral Health Unit in 2017, where she fostered a therapeutic environment and championed mental health awareness. In 2021, Dominique’s expertise and commitment to patient care propelled her to the position of Director of Nursing for the Behavioral Health Unit and Nursing Administration. As an advocate for mental health, she strives to eliminate stigmas surrounding mental illness, offering a healing touch and unwavering compassion to those in need.

Beyond her professional achievements, Dominique finds joy in various activities. She relishes the healing power of music, enjoys dancing, and finds solace in nature through hiking. Movie nights and quality time spent with her loving mother, beautiful daughter, and intelligent and handsome son are cherished moments in her life. Dominique’s educational journey reached new heights with a Master of Science in Nursing Leadership and Development from Western Governors University, enhancing her knowledge, and enabling her to mentor and educate others. As a patient rights advocate, she is committed to ensuring every individual receives the highest standard of care and is empowered to make informed decisions about their health. With her appearances on television, Dominique Hamler aims to inspire others, sharing her story of dedication, perseverance, and compassion. Her lifelong dream of becoming a nurse since the 8th grade has transformed into a reality, and she continues to make a positive impact on the lives of those she serves.