Back To School Worries: Parents Concerns Over Bullying

2017-09-14T22:12:44+00:00Parenting, School|

Did you know that 64% of children who have been or are being bullied don’t report it? Or that nearly one in five school-aged kids report being bullied during their tenure as students. Or that such behaviors negatively affects both the bully and the kid being bullied? Chances are as a parent, you are [...]

Academic Achievement In Teens Battling Mental Health

2017-01-14T23:43:39+00:00Mental Health, School|

By Dr. Juliet Beckett Ed.D, Physical as well as mental well-being is very crucial for a good academic performance. The latter holds special importance in the case of teenagers who undergo a tremendous amount of changes – physically, mentally and psychologically. To top it up, many symptoms of depression in teenagers are waived off [...]

How To Handle Depression In High School

2017-06-06T00:22:35+00:00Depression, Mental Health, School|

Dr. Juliet Beckett Ed.D. High school can be a very difficult time and many teenagers experience problems with depression. With adolescents faced with so many intense feelings and changes all at once, it can be easy to start falling into a depressive state. The good news is that depression is something that can be [...]