Substance Abuse, Drug Abuse, call it what you like but it is a scourge on society that is open for all to see in some instances and hidden deep underground in others. The abuse itself is, in many cases a cry for help in one way or another and even when someone says “I started to fit it in” it is perhaps the greatest cry for help anyone could ever scream.

drug abuse treatment center

The drugs create an artificial, sustainable only by taking more of the substance of choice and very hollow high or low that a person believes they need or feels they need at a particular time or moment in time. The low to mellow out, the high to bring a smile and cope with the stuff life throws that you seem unable to cope with (and you soon convince yourself you can’t live without your fix) and the high to make a party or nightclub seem more exciting. There is a rush, a moment, a split second before a drug is taken, a glimmer of light that tells them that what they are about to do will transport them away, either up or down, and allow them to temporarily escape the real world because it is the real world, even those who take a drug for so-called “recreational purposes” they believe they do not or cannot fit into.

Somewhere deep inside every casual drug or substance taker or full-blown addict there is something they cannot cope with or something they just need to escape from or have it made better. Regrettably with any drug, no matter how casually it is taken or used there comes a point where life is not life without it and the help you thought would come from taking the substance is now the place where help is needed to escape from.

For some, thankfully, they can walk away from the drug, somewhere inside they find they can control themselves or enjoy themselves without the need for it and it would be fair to say that there are perhaps a majority that sit here, but for others they need help. That help comes from admitting there is a problem and having at least one person in your life that can see it and can and will help you. In a perfect world that help would come from family, but family for some is the reason why drugs were taken in the first place, divorce, abuse or even substance abuse in the home. For those who have this dilemma it is community outreaches from churches, non-profits or just concerned individuals some who remain unknown that become the lifeline that become the lifeline.

But for some, the rare, sad, deeply hurting few no help will help, perhaps it comes too late or perhaps the call of the high or low is just too much but for some the help will never help. Rehabilitation centres help where alcohol, drugs and other addictions that rule over a person are treated do their best and the success rate is high but equally the relapse rate is just as high. The non-addict, even specialist doctor or counsellor, will never understand the true cold, dark and even lonely place the substance abuse creates inside a person, the pain is just too deep or the emotions are just too confusing to pull apart and rebuild from. The hunger, the craving that real help can assist with never really goes away, the cry is reduced a whisper and the smallest of life mishaps can trigger the addiction or worse the cry can get to a point where the noise is so much that an overdose or other suicide option is seemingly the only way out.

Thankfully few get to this point, once in the cycle, for that is what it can become, the help is there but for those with that ice cold, dark as coal echo of the drug or substance that smothers reality and confuses emotion there is no hope. There is no way of seeing or knowing and no matter how hard someone tries to help, it is in the end futile. For these few, those who have come so close to recovery but cannot escape the torment ending of their life is all they can do. It hurts those they love and those who loved them and it happens daily. Those who truly love them, while they struggle to understand the reasons know the war for that person, the brother, sister, son, daughter, father, mother is will be or over through suicide and for the rest of their lives they will live with bittersweet emotions that few will ever understand, because even the help they offered could never help and they don’t know why. It is the cruellest of situations and one that so many live with and one we can only pray will be removed from the society we live in.

This article is based on true events of a dear friend who took his life to escape the demons, demons his family and friends could never understand. Rest in Peace Brave Fighter and Lover of Life.