Pot Smoking in Teens

pot smoking in teensPot smoking can be harmful to anyone regardless of age, but can be particularly harmful to young teenagers. Marijuana use isn’t the same for everyone and that’s why parents and educators should never take it lightly. It’s not a light concept in any way, shape or form. Pot smoking in teens can seriously interfere with the developmental process. Teenagers often believe that they’re fully mature adults who are ready to take on the world and who don’t have to answer to anyone else, and that couldn’t be further from the truth.


Marijuana Smoking Can Interfere With Critical Developmental Processes in Teenagers

Marijuana consists of a psychoactive compound that’s known as THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). This compound influences the processing of sensory details and has the capacity to significantly diminish learned behavioral patterns.

Teenage brains aren’t fully mature and because of that are not the same as adult brains. Brain development lasts until people are roughly 25 years in age and marijuana use can interfere with the developmental process. It can inhibit emotional development and can disrupt the retention of knowledge. This can be a big issue for teenagers who are studying in high school or college. It also can be harmful to social interactions. Pot smoking can make it a lot harder for teens to acquire and maintain relationships of all varieties.

Pot Smoking Can Be Problematic for Mental Health in Teenagers

Pot use can lead to permanent brain problems in people that can influence mental and physical health matters alike. Its use can make teenagers significantly more susceptible to mood disorders such as anxiety and depression. It can make them considerably more vulnerable to suicidal urges as well. Teens who do not use marijuana are generally not as vulnerable to these dangerous feelings. Pot use can also make teenagers substantially more prone to schizophrenia, which is a mental condition that is characterized by serious problems with behaviors, emotions and thoughts. Common signs of this disorder include delusions, hallucinations, speaking troubles, motion problems and abnormal thought patterns.

Smoking Pot and Memory Problems

If a teenager smokes pot, he/she may develop serious problems with memory. Its use can lead to concentration, focus and attention span problems in teens. Teens who smoke pot may have problems concentrating while in class and on the job. It isn’t uncommon for teens who smoke marijuana to have learning troubles and serious issues with solid judgment. Memory, attention and concentration issues can be highly damaging to teenagers in many diverse ways. They can be problematic in the classroom and often have poor grades and frequently fail to show up to class. If they do manage to show up to class, they’re may often be tardy.

Pot Smoking and Troubling Behavioral Patterns

Troubling behavioral patterns are extremely common in teenagers who smoke pot. Teens often fail to do well in educational settings and often experience serious poverty as adults. Unemployment can become a problem for teens who use marijuana, who frequently end up with lives that are anything but fulfilling, enriching and gratifying. They frequently end up in romantic relationships that don’t make them feel happy. They regularly end up with lives in general that leave them feeling lost and confused.

Pot smoking makes teenagers more susceptible to running away from home. It makes them more susceptible to early sexual behaviors and unplanned pregnancies are particularly common in young female pot smokers. It also boosts the risk of potential car accidents. Driving after smoking pot can be dangerous to users and can also be a major hazard to other people who share the road. Last but not least, they tend to be more vulnerable to future criminal actions. They often try to purchase drugs by stealing cars or by burglarizing properties. The unpleasant and undesirable possibilities are plentiful.

Communication is Key

There’s no denying that pot smoking is a major problem among teenagers everywhere. Parents, teachers and friends should never ignore signs of marijuana use in teens.  Its use can impair the mental development process, cause memory difficulties, increase behavioral problems and lead to addiction.  Marijuana use can also lead to further use of other drugs.

Should you have a teenager who is struggling with marijuana addiction and needs help, it may be time to contact a professional team of experienced providers who can care for your teen and make the difference that they need.

Centered Health is available to answer your questions and help you through the process of getting help for your son or daughter.