Your teenager seems to be angry all the time. Every little thing sets her off, and you are afraid of the impact her sudden mood changes and emotional outbursts will have on the rest of the family. These negative effects her actions have on your entire household could include the following:

Creates a Hostile Environment

When the air is thick with tension, it is hard to function as a normal family. Everyone walks on eggshells and has to watch every word they speak so as not to antagonize the teen. Other tempers may flair and arguments ensue due to the anger issues that your teen has. Instead of being a refuge and a welcoming place to live, the home becomes a tightrope of negative emotions.

Blame Cast on Other Individuals or Situations

teenage anger

Teens may play the blame-game, focusing the responsibility for their moods and actions on others around them. They may fail to take responsibility for what they do and say. Pointing fingers at other individuals or giving excuses for their behavior may become a regular occurrence, and challenging her on her perception of this will only provoke a power struggle and more discord.

Takes Attention and Focus Off of Other Family Members

Other family members, especially children, may suffer when one person is always on center stage. This person may believe that even bad attention is better than no attention at all and may end up taking all of the time and energy of the parents or guardians in the home. Other family members may be left to handle their issues on their, own and their positive actions and activities may go unnoticed and unrewarded. This may create feelings of resentment, abandonment, and discouragement among other household members. Younger children are especially vulnerable to this.

Causes a Trickle-Down Effect

When one family member is disruptive and irritable, it can cause a trickle-down effect throughout the family. Other household members may respond very negatively to her moods and with similar tones and actions. Younger siblings may emulate her when they see how well she gains the attention of both parents and other relatives. For example, when she flaunts the rules and disobeys parental instruction, they see this and believe that if she can do it, so can they. Therefore it is very important that this person get effective treatment before it becomes an issue with other individuals also.

May Cause Dependence on Drugs, Sex, and Alcohol

Teens who have anger issues often seek solace in dangerous solutions such as drugs, sex, and alcohol. These temporary fixes will leave them empty and struggling for more negative solutions to their pain. Long-term results could include addiction, pregnancy, an STD, or even accident or illness.

As you can see, allowing your teenager to disrupt the rest of the household with her teen anger can be very upsetting and stressful. Getting her the help she needs should be a priority, not just for her but also for sibling and parental peace of mind. Re-creating your home as a peaceful oasis and a comfort zone should become a family priority, and it may be necessary to get everyone involved in ensuring that this individual receives the best care possible for her situation.

Centered Health can be the solution. There she will receive the care and attention she needs to combat her anger issues before they become something larger and more difficult to treat. Excessive teenage anger is not something to be taken lightly; there are causes and reasons for these feelings, and there she will receive the most effective and long-term treatment that is available.