By Dr. Mary Ross

Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a behavior disorder in adolescents. They acquire the arrogance and excessive opinion about themselves. In fact, nothing matters to them more than their own emotions, needs and beliefs. The teenagers become obsessed with themselves to an extent where they lose any empathy or concern towards other people. They make their lives and lives of people around them miserable.

Source of the word ‘Narcissistic’ – This personality disorder comes from the Greek mythology. The story is about a young handsome man named Narcissus. He was very good looking and compared himself with the Greek Gods. He was so involved with himself that he looked down upon all men or women with disdain. Then one day he saw his image in a pond, loved himself more for that. He moved closer to have a better view but drowned in the pond.

Narcissistic personality disorder symptoms and affinities

What idiosyncrasies are observed in these people are described here. The conclusion can be drawn about their Narcissistic personality disorders, based on these symptoms.

  • I and me- They are self-centered people who are hyper-sensitive toward themselves. They have egotistic, pretentious and overestimated self-image. They hype up their non-existing or moderate talents and achievements. To top it, they expect extravagant praises from all.
  • Dreamers- They are always preoccupied with themselves and their dreams. They continue to think about their ambitious plans of success plans, power, self-glorification and their own fantasies.
  • Abusive- For own gratification they take advantage of people, having abusive, contemptuous and unsympathetic attitude.
  • Lacks compassion– These people have the complete lack of compassion and empathy for others. If someone in home suffer, they completely ignore becoming oblivious to their anguishes.
  • Jealousy– The jealousy for others and their achievements are distressing for them. They also feel that other people are jealous of their ‘achievements’.
  • Macho– Male teenagers feel they are athletic and over smart people and they pose and brag to impress others.
  • Big expectations– They strongly expect people to oblige and favor them because they are too good.

Causes of Narcissistic personality disorders

This personality disorder is listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical manual of mental disorders, as one of the ten personality disorders. This disorder is found more in adolescent males than females and adults. It is said that, about 1% of the people get affected by this disorder sometimes in their early life. Here are some factors about its causes.

Developmental factors

  • Unrealistic praises bestowed in childhood by overindulgent parents.
  • Some childhood emotional mishandling that left indelible mark in their minds.
  • Over-sensitive nature, low self-esteem
  • Disturbed childhood, such as parental separation, violence or any other desolation.
  • Adoption of devious methods, escapism from truth are some other traits.

Treatment for Narcissistic personality disorder

narcissistic personality disorderThe treatment for this personality disorder begins after thorough diagnosis. It’s a long- term psychotherapy and the experience of the therapist is prerequisite in getting good results.

The psychotherapists investigate teenagers’ past to find out about their insecurities, embarrassments, depressions and other negative emotions embedded in their minds. For advanced cases, psychologists ask the patients to get admitted in hospital.

Psychologists go for individual psychotherapy and group therapy step by step. Sometime they choose medication option when depression and anxiety of the patient run haywire. Narcissistic personality disorder can be treated for sure.