Teens and Divorce: Tips to Help Them Cope Faster

2018-11-14T08:17:41+00:00Depression, Trauma|

Divorce is never easy, but it can be troublesome especially to teens in the family. Adolescence is already a time of great change and social issues that can create anxiety in teens. In addition to dealing with the onset of puberty, social pressures, and keeping up with school responsibilities, your teen children are now [...]

Sexual Harassment – What Your Teens Need to Know

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Sexual harassment is an issue that plagues people of all ages. It is troubling to think that your child might be the victim of bullying or sexual harassment, but it is an issue that often goes unreported in schools. Parents need to pay close attention to changes in their teens' behavior and look for [...]

Teen Grief and Loss – The Road to Recovery

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The National Institute of Mental Health suggests over 13% of teens between the ages of 12-17 struggle with major mental health issues. Many of these mental health problems are the result of grief of loss. Young adults process grief and loss in different ways than adults, and this can lead to potentially destructive disorders, [...]

Teen Suicide – Noticed Too Late

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Anonymous Op-Ed: Suicide is the ultimate way to end suffering, in all honesty despite many saying it is a selfish death, suicide is a tremendously brave thing to do, willingly killing yourself is not easy and bravery is sadly not often associated with the act when perhaps it should be. Depression, drug addiction or [...]