The Signs of Alcohol Abuse in Teens

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The Signs of Alcohol Abuse in Teens Alcohol is used around the world to relax, celebrate milestones and achievements, and to have a good time with family and friends. Consuming alcohol in moderation (one standard drink daily) is considered healthy. However, drinking excessively to deal with stress, pressure, and avoid problems is not. Alcohol [...]

Life Success – Can Marijuana and Alcohol Use Reduce a Teens Success Rates?

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Substance abuse in teenagers has and continues to be a societal concern. This problem is particularly alarming when referencing teen marijuana use and teen alcohol use. Not only can these substances adversely impact young people during their formidable years and threaten teen success, but a new disturbing study found those who regularly ingest these [...]

Teens and Their Perceptions of Marijuana

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As information is spreading about marijuana being a harmless drug, more and more states are starting to legalize the usage. In fact, the states of Massachusetts, California, Nevada, and Maine all passed a law recently allowing for recreational use of marijuana. This has enabled many people to believe that marijuana is completely harmless, including [...]

10 of the Most Common Street Drugs

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Parents of teens who are at risk for drug abuse are sometimes overwhelmed by the culture and terminology that is common in modern social situations. The language that teens use reflects the things they are exposed to on a daily basis. Popular names for common drugs are extremely important to be familiar with when [...]

Teen Opioid Addiction in America

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According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine, there were more than 20.5 million people over the age of 12 with a substance abuse disorder in the United States. Their research shows that roughly 2.6 million of these Americans suffer from addiction related to opioids - in the form of prescription pain medications and [...]

Teen Smoking: The Facts and Figures

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We as parents do everything in our power to give our children a safe, healthy life. We are careful when shopping for food and vehicles. Unfortunately, there are dangers that our children will encounter regardless of how protective we are. One of the earliest dangers our children will face is tobacco. According to facts [...]

Teenage Alcoholism – The Battle Inside

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Teenage alcoholism is a life-threatening problem. Studies show that over three million teens are currently abusing alcohol. And despite these discouraging figures, there is so much that can be done to help teens beat their addiction. Cause and Effect The cause and effect of teen alcoholism differ dramatically when comparing adults suffering from alcohol [...]

The Consequences of Pot Smoking in Teens

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Pot Smoking in Teens Pot smoking can be harmful to anyone regardless of age, but can be particularly harmful to young teenagers. Marijuana use isn't the same for everyone and that's why parents and educators should never take it lightly. It's not a light concept in any way, shape or form. Pot smoking in teens [...]

When Help Doesn’t Help

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Substance Abuse, Drug Abuse, call it what you like but it is a scourge on society that is open for all to see in some instances and hidden deep underground in others. The abuse itself is, in many cases a cry for help in one way or another and even when someone says “I started [...]

Signs of Teen Drug Abuse

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By Samuel Odenthal, LMFT Drug addiction and abuse has become common in teenagers. According to a research, teenagers who choose to abuse drugs end up getting addicted to drugs during their adulthood. Here, find out why teenagers are experimenting with drugs and some of the signs of teen drug abuse. Drug Abuse-A Growing Menace Drug [...]