The Influences of Peer Pressures on Teen Smoking


Most people start smoking cigarettes or using tobacco before 18 years of age in the United States. In fact, about 90 percent of people in the US start smoking by that age. For this reason, smoking prevention should start during adolescence. Parents and teens tend to spend less time together during this time in [...]

Teen Smoking: The Facts and Figures

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We as parents do everything in our power to give our children a safe, healthy life. We are careful when shopping for food and vehicles. Unfortunately, there are dangers that our children will encounter regardless of how protective we are. One of the earliest dangers our children will face is tobacco. According to facts [...]

The Consequences of Pot Smoking in Teens

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Pot Smoking in Teens Pot smoking can be harmful to anyone regardless of age, but can be particularly harmful to young teenagers. Marijuana use isn't the same for everyone and that's why parents and educators should never take it lightly. It's not a light concept in any way, shape or form. Pot smoking in teens [...]

Smoking Effects Your Life – Not Just Your Health

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Smoking in the eyes of some is a disease, to others it is just a filthy habit and then there are those who confess to enjoy it. Either way smoking is damaging and especially damaging to younger smokers in more ways than doctors would have you think. Smoking doesn’t just have a pile of [...]