Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors in Teens: Understanding and Managing It

2018-11-14T08:39:39+00:00Self Harm|

If you've noticed your adolescent obsessively engaging in harmful behaviors such as hair-pulling, nail-biting, or picking at their skin, you may have already tried to stop the behavior in its tracks, but to no avail. Fortunately, these types of behaviors are recognized in psychology and there are ways to combat the need to engage [...]

Reasons Why Your Teen is Cutting Themselves

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Helping Your Child Combat the Need to Self-Harm Self-harm is a difficult subject to breach with someone at any age. Because the teen years play such a critical role in development, it can be difficult for a young adult to navigate them on their own. It doesn't help that the warning signs for things [...]

Smoking Effects Your Life – Not Just Your Health

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Smoking in the eyes of some is a disease, to others it is just a filthy habit and then there are those who confess to enjoy it. Either way smoking is damaging and especially damaging to younger smokers in more ways than doctors would have you think. Smoking doesn’t just have a pile of [...]

How To Recognize A Possible Teen Eating Disorder

2017-06-06T00:30:31+00:00Eating Disorder, Emotional Regulation, Self Harm|

Dr. David Feldman If you have found yourself rapidly losing weight, becoming obsessed with your figure or adopting some new eating habits that you may find difficult to explain as a teenager, you may have a teen eating disorder. Eating disorders like bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa as well as binge eating disorder can [...]

When Help Doesn’t Help

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Substance Abuse, Drug Abuse, call it what you like but it is a scourge on society that is open for all to see in some instances and hidden deep underground in others. The abuse itself is, in many cases a cry for help in one way or another and even when someone says “I started [...]