Teen Multiple Personality Disorder: Is It Real?

2018-10-19T13:25:56+00:00Personality Disorder|

Multiple personality disorder, which is now more commonly referred to as dissociative identity disorder, is a psychological condition that is caused by a number of factors. It can manifest in teens and is caused by severe trauma during childhood. The biggest triggers of the condition include physical, emotional or sexual abuse. What is Teen [...]

Teens With Psychotic Depression Disorder

2017-12-09T18:27:08+00:00Depression, Mental Health, Personality Disorder|

Psychosis is one of the scarier and more serious forms of mental illness. A specific type of mental illness that is related is psychotic depression, which includes a variety of symptoms but can be treated. If you are the parent of a teen who you believe has some of the most notable symptoms of [...]

Living with Schizophrenia

2017-06-06T00:41:33+00:00Mental Health, Personality Disorder|

You may have come across certain people talking to non-existents or behaving in an unusual way. It may be because they are suffering from schizophrenia. People who are suffering from schizophrenia have an altered reality perception. For them, it is difficult to differentiate between real and unreal situations. This brain disorder affects the way [...]