The Dangers of Social Media on the Adolescent

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It goes without saying that all forms of change either contribute greatly or negatively to the evolution of mankind and society. Yet in some instances, as in the case with the advancement of technological applications consistently being used to modify communication, change exists as a double-edged sword in which both beneficial and detrimental effects [...]

Teens With Avoidant Personality Disorder

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By Dr. Theo Miller Avoidant personality disorder in teenagers is also termed as anxious personality disorder. The teenagers suffering from this disorder are visibly shy or reserve in nature. This disorder is cluster C personality disorder that could be recognized by their lack of self-trust, feeling of inferiority and a deep-rooted fear of rejection. [...]

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – Symptoms, Causes & Treatment for Teenagers

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By Christopher Richardson LMFT PTSD as it is commonly referred to, is a stress disorder which can affect children, teens as well as adults. It is a distressing experience and can cause one to drain out emotionally. In short, it affects mental well-being of a person, especially teenagers who are in a phase where they [...]

How To Recognize A Possible Teen Eating Disorder

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Dr. David Feldman If you have found yourself rapidly losing weight, becoming obsessed with your figure or adopting some new eating habits that you may find difficult to explain as a teenager, you may have a teen eating disorder. Eating disorders like bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa as well as binge eating disorder can [...]

Temptation, Trial, and Entrapment

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By Dr. Raymond Martin Teenagers in this crazy mixed up world we live in today have so many temptations around them, so much so that whole industries and even “career” paths have been made out of the darker temptations. It is a challenging world where peer pressure and simply exploring the world around a teenager [...]