Teens and Divorce: Tips to Help Them Cope Faster

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Divorce is never easy, but it can be troublesome especially to teens in the family. Adolescence is already a time of great change and social issues that can create anxiety in teens. In addition to dealing with the onset of puberty, social pressures, and keeping up with school responsibilities, your teen children are now [...]

The Growing Problem of Depression in America


Deciphering Teen Depression in America and How to Deal with It One of the most difficult times in a parent's life may be raising a teenager. Parents would do well to understand it's often hard for teens as well. Depression is a serious mental health issue which is becoming more prevalent in America. Here [...]

8 Signs of Major Clinical Depression in Teens


8 Signs of Major Clinical Depression in Teens Depression is a serious mood disorder that changes how a person acts, things and handles daily activities. When a teenager experiences depression, they lose interest in activities like playing video games. They also experience a persistent feeling of complete sadness. A person must have symptoms associated with [...]

The Importance of Teenage Depression Screening


Depression is a serious mental health issue among people of all ages but can be especially dangerous for teenagers. Teens sometimes struggle with the transition from childhood to adulthood; greater expectations, new responsibilities, dealing with past abuse, or navigating a difficult social landscape can all contribute to mental health issues. It's normal for a [...]

Screening For Teen Depression – The Next Step


Depression among American teenagers has reached epidemic proportions, with about 1 in 5 experiencing depression and 2 out of 3 depressed teens going undiagnosed. These sobering statistics have compelled the American Academy of Pediatrics to recommend officially that all teens be routinely screened for depression at doctor’s checkups. This means that doctors around the [...]

How to Help Teen Depression with Exercise


Growing pains are perfectly normal. But if you recognize that your teenager’s feelings of sadness, irritability, and fatigue are impacting their relationship with family and friends – possibly even detracting from their performance in school – it could be a sign of depression. The good news is, there are plenty of methods to help [...]

Can Social Media Impact Your Childs Happiness?

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As understanding of mental illness such as depression increases so does the imposing of social media into our lives. It's so commonplace that learning someone doesn't have Facebook or Instagram can raise eyebrows. However, there's reason to believe social media has negative effects on our minds, particularly those that are developing. For children and [...]

What Are the Signs of Depression in a Teenager?


What Are the Signs of Depression in a Teenager? Depression is a serious problem, and everyone can get it, from young children to senior citizens. Unfortunately, depression can be difficult to spot from the outside - especially in teenagers. Teens are known for being moody and going through rapid developmental changes. This can make [...]

Teens With Psychotic Depression Disorder

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Psychosis is one of the scarier and more serious forms of mental illness. A specific type of mental illness that is related is psychotic depression, which includes a variety of symptoms but can be treated. If you are the parent of a teen who you believe has some of the most notable symptoms of [...]