Does Your Teen Suffer From Conduct Disorder?

2018-04-03T15:35:46+00:00Conduct Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder|

Conduct disorder is diagnosed in children and adolescents who exhibit repeated and persistent behavior that violates basic societal rules or the rights of others. The behavior is typically exhibited in a number of settings, including at school, home, and in social situations. It results in significant impairment in academic, family, and social functioning. If [...]

When It May Not Be “Just a Phase”

2017-06-06T00:47:48+00:00Conduct Disorder, Mental Health|

When a teenager misbehaves, breaks the rules, lies or just does things that are not accepted in society it is often “Just a phase”. “Just a phase” when it comes to Teenage Conduct Disorder is what many parents, out of love, convince themselves is happening. Parents believe, hope or wish the phase will end [...]

What Actually Causes Teenage Conduct Disorder?

2017-06-06T00:47:08+00:00Conduct Disorder, Mental Health|

Teenage Conduct Disorder or just general conduct disorder is caused by a variety of factors, sometimes alone and sometimes combined. In short there are 3 components that point to “causes” of conduct disorder: Genetic, Physical and Environmental The first to look at are the Genetic causes. If one’s parents suffered with conduct disorder there [...]