K2-A Powerful Drug That is Impacting Teenagers


K2 is a dangerous drug that, in recent years, has grown in popularity and has been the cause of serious health problems amongst young people. Introduction Most commonly referred to as spice but additionally known by names such as "skunk," "moon rocks" and "potpourri," spice is considered a synthetic version of marijuana because the [...]

The Signs of Alcohol Abuse in Teens

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The Signs of Alcohol Abuse in Teens Alcohol is used around the world to relax, celebrate milestones and achievements, and to have a good time with family and friends. Consuming alcohol in moderation (one standard drink daily) is considered healthy. However, drinking excessively to deal with stress, pressure, and avoid problems is not. Alcohol [...]

Is Your Childs Gaming Behavior Destructive?


Is Your Childs Gaming Behavior Destructive? The World Health Organization released its updated International Classification of Diseases and named video game addiction as a diagnosable disease. Officially called "gaming disorder," the condition is marked by situations in which playing digital games has interfered with an individual's schoolwork, career, social life, or home life. While [...]

MDMA Use – How It Can Impact Your Teenager


MDMA Use - How It Can Impact Your Teenager It can be hard to figure out if your teenager is using drugs or not. Many of the signs of drug abuse resemble the typical symptoms of being a teenager: mood swings, insolence, and being anti-social (at least, towards their parents). While this may be the [...]

The Path That Leads Teens into Cocaine Addiction


Teenagers And Cocaine: More Realistic Than You May Think Teenagers don't necessarily have it easy. Having to discover yourself, your interests, and stay on top of school while also planning for your future can be an intimidating process. It also doesn't help that teenage years are formative for experiences with mental illness, with many [...]

The Risks of Electronic Cigarettes Usage


The Risks of Electronic Cigarettes Usage What are Electronic Cigarettes? Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes, e-cigs, and vaping, are devices that contain a liquid that usually contains nicotine, flavoring, or other chemicals. They are powered by a battery that heats the device to turn the liquid into a vapor which is then inhaled. [...]

Teen Drug Availability Continues as Narcotics Flow Into the United States


How You Can Tell If Your Teenage Child Is Abusing Drugs As a parent, it can be difficult to know when your child is abusing drugs. In teenage-hood, the child portrays a myriad of behaviors that makes it difficult to take note of drug use. Regardless, it is important to understand some of the key [...]

The Opioid Epidemic and Naloxone


The current opioid epidemic is one of the most serious health challenges ever faced by the United States. Today, millions of Americans are affected by opioid addiction and overdose, either suffering from substance abuse issues directly, or through their connections to family members, friends, and community members who are afflicted with opioid addiction. One [...]