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The Role of Good Nutrition in Your Teens Mental Health

2018-08-25T00:43:06+00:00Mental Health|

When you think of teenage eating habits, what typically comes to mind? Pizza? Junk food? Soda? We choose to feed our children this “normal” teenage-friendly food without ever thinking it could be one of the culprits behind mental health issues. A growing amount of research is pointing towards eating habits and their ability to [...]

The Signs of Alcohol Abuse in Teens

2018-08-25T00:37:46+00:00Addiction, Substance Abuse|

The Signs of Alcohol Abuse in Teens Alcohol is used around the world to relax, celebrate milestones and achievements, and to have a good time with family and friends. Consuming alcohol in moderation (one standard drink daily) is considered healthy. However, drinking excessively to deal with stress, pressure, and avoid problems is not. Alcohol [...]

What is Teen Adjustment Disorder?

2018-07-29T14:25:46+00:00Mental Health|

What is Teen Adjustment Disorder? Changes and disappointments in life can be difficult for anyone, and this is especially true of teenagers. It is accordingly normal for teens to have some adjustment issues when things happen. However, it is important for parents to be able to recognize when typical adjustment and growing pains cross the [...]

How to Recognize Bipolar Disorder in Your Teenager


How to Recognize Bipolar Disorder in Your Teenager Raising a teenager is challenging, even under generally good circumstances. After all, all adolescents are known to have their mood swings and behavioral quirks. This reality may make it difficult to tell when teen antics are symptoms of something more serious, but behavior that is getting particularly [...]

Is Your Childs Gaming Behavior Destructive?


Is Your Childs Gaming Behavior Destructive? The World Health Organization released its updated International Classification of Diseases and named video game addiction as a diagnosable disease. Officially called "gaming disorder," the condition is marked by situations in which playing digital games has interfered with an individual's schoolwork, career, social life, or home life. While [...]

MDMA Use – How It Can Impact Your Teenager


MDMA Use - How It Can Impact Your Teenager It can be hard to figure out if your teenager is using drugs or not. Many of the signs of drug abuse resemble the typical symptoms of being a teenager: mood swings, insolence, and being anti-social (at least, towards their parents). While this may be the [...]

8 Signs of Major Clinical Depression in Teens


8 Signs of Major Clinical Depression in Teens Depression is a serious mood disorder that changes how a person acts, things and handles daily activities. When a teenager experiences depression, they lose interest in activities like playing video games. They also experience a persistent feeling of complete sadness. A person must have symptoms associated with [...]

The Stigma of Mental Health Treatment

2018-07-21T13:08:50+00:00Mental Health|

The Stigma of Mental Health Treatment Mental health stigma can be separated into two different categories. The first being social stigma which is defined by people who discriminate against others who have mental health issues because of a psychiatric diagnosis they may have received. This can take place in a work environment or social situations [...]

Reactive Attachment Disorder and Your Teenager

2018-07-03T19:48:12+00:00Mental Health|

Introduction & Overview Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) is a serious behavioral condition seen in teens who experienced attachment issues with their primary caregiver in infancy. An infant expects to be loved, soothed, comforted and have his or needs met by its primary caregiver. In most instances, this is the mother. This process helps build [...]